Why is Teen skin different?


There are endless options out there when it comes to skincare.  

Cutting through the noise, it’s important to remember that not everything is suitable for every skin type or age.  

It might sound obvious, but the skin of a 14-year-old doesn’t need the same products as a 50-year-old.  

Why? Because teen skin naturally produces collagen and elastin - the main elements that support and plump the skin - at maximum levels.  

Cell turnover is also at its fastest - so you have fresh renewed skin daily - and it retains hydration easily.  

The result: smooth, firm and bright skin (dreamy) that requires little intervention when it comes to skincare ingredients. 

Teen skin needs a gentle approach, so you want to look for formulas that nourish, soothe and keep the skin feeling balanced.  

Of course, there are factors that are specific to teens that can affect the skin too, like hormonal and puberty-related changes (we won’t go on about it).  

Just know that these things pass, and there are products to help combat symptoms like excess oil, redness and dryness.  

From the age of 25, your collagen and elastin levels start to need a little boost.  

You’re likely to have suffered from external factors like sun damage, so the skin needs more help in rebuilding and strengthening.  

Before you reach your mid-twenties, you have the chance to build a great foundation of super healthy and strong skin, before any signs of ageing.   

Protecting the skin barrier from both inside (sleep, drinking lots of water and eating healthy foods), and out is key. This includes SPF every day to prevent damage or ageing of the skin. Never skip this step, no matter the weather!