It started with teens

During a casual chat over a family holiday, our co-founder Aaron and his twin daughters (then 13 years old) realized that there were no beauty brands made specifically for teens. None that truly resonated with them or that was made specifically for their skin.

As fellow parents, with first-hand knowledge of how engaged today’s teens are with skincare and makeup, Co-Founders Richard and Reena (now our CEO) saw the same gap and quickly bought in to the idea, joining Aaron on the exciting indu journey.

We spoke to many beauty experts and led research with thousands of teenagers to validate the idea: there were no brands that solely focused on teens and their skin and values.

It became clear that not only were teens potentially damaging their skin by using products that are too harsh for their skin, but they felt ignored and unrepresented, at a time in their life where guidance and representation is so important for self-esteem and growth.

Our first and most important initiative was recruiting our committee a global group of diverse teenagers, from beauty novices to skincare enthusiasts. Their knowledge, voices and opinions have been critical in all decision making and product development since the very beginning and will continue to be vital for indu going forward.

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indu’s mission is to always put teens first, offering an entry point for you to enjoy beauty in a holistic, relatable and healthy way so that we can help you grow, shine and evolve in your own skin: no matter who you are, what you look like, or what beauty means to you.