How do I upcycle my Cleansing Pads Pot?

How do I...

Picture this: you’ve loved your indu Cleansing Pads so much that you’ve hit the bottom of the pot.

Congratulations! Your skin thanks you.

But before you pop that pot down to the recycling bin, how about upcycling it?

Here’s some fun suggestions from the indu teen committee:

  1. After a good clean, use it to transport other products. It’s a great size to fill with your favourite body product, sun care or hair cream for holidays or staying at a friend’s house.
  2. Store your reusable cotton pads inside: it’s the perfect shape.
  3. Keep your accessories inside, to stop them from gathering in the bottom of your bag. Hair ties and jewellery will be safe and secure – no more tangling!
  4. Fill it with your favourite snacks (because who can ever find Tupperware with a matching lid?)
  5. Add some green to your beauty shelf by planting herbs inside.