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Cleansing Pads

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Pre-soaked, nourishing pads for kind-to-skin cleansing on the go.

30 pcs

  • Formulated for Teen Skin

  • Vegan

  • Cruelty Free

  • Non-Comedogenic

  • Sustainable Packaging

How to use

For a quick cleanse or to remove everyday makeup

Gently remove one pad from the pot. Swipe the pad across your face and eyes to remove makeup and impurities.

Let the cleansing milk settle in your skin before applying other products to avoid any feeling of unwanted residue.

Dispose the pad and you're good to go.

If using in the evening as a double cleanse, follow by washing your face with the indu cleanser of your choice.

Top 4

Best ways to use indu Cleansing Pads

At the end of the day to take off makeup and SPF before washing your face with cleanser.

Anytime you need to wash your face but do not have your cleanser or water available--like after a sweaty sports game or outdoor festival..

To refresh your skin when you need a little extra hydration throughout the day.

When you need a quick cleanse and prime before you put on makeup.