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Clarifying HydroGel Moisturiser Refill

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Refill cartridge for the Clarifying HydroGel Moisturiser, an ultra-lightweight gel moisturiser to hydrate oily and blemish-prone skin.

30 ml

New (outer & cartridge) or refill cartridge only? Refill
  • Formulated for Teen Skin

  • Vegan

  • Cruelty Free

  • Non-Comedogenic

  • Sustainable Packaging

Why it's great for teen skin

indu's Tribiotic complex, a combination of prebiotics and powerful postbiotics is friendly to your skin's microbiome and works to leave skin balanced, protected and calm.

Inulin, a prebiotic, encourages a healthy microbiome and attracts moisture to keep skin hydrated.

Postbiotic lactic acid helps maintain optimum skin pH while gently exfoliating to boost glow and radiance.

A second post-biotic, lactobacillus ferment, created using advanced biotechnology, helps to protect the skin by boosting the moisture barrier and optimising the skin's natural renewal process.

Non-comedogenic – meaning it does not clog the pores or cause whiteheads and spots.

Includes clarifying ingredients to target excess oil and blemishes, as well as soothing and hydrating ones to make sure your skin feels balanced.

How to

Refill your indu cleanser and moisturiser

Take off the cap of your finished outer case and cartridge. Grab the base of the pump and twist off the outer case from the pump and the inner cartridge. Then twist off the pump from the inner cartridge.

Rinse the old cartridge with water and recycle. Rince the pump with soap and water and let dry.

Take out the new refill cartridge, unscrew the cap, and the rinse, dry, and recycle the cap.

Place the the pump onto the new cartridge and twist on, and then screw the pump and the cartridge into the outer case.

How to choose

Which indu moisturiser is right for you?

If you feel like your skin has extra oil or that you get blemishes easily, you may prefer the Clarifying HydroGel Moisturiser as its ultra lightweight and ingredients like grapefruit extract and Zinc PCA help to balance excess oil.

If your skin typically feels balanced, you may prefer the Universal Soft-Cream Moisturiser as its creamy texture and extra nourishing ingredients like snow mushroom help to protect your skin and keep it in balance.

If you have both oily or dry areas, or if your skin switches between the two, you may choose to use the Clarifying HydroGel Moisturiser when you want something lightweight and the Universal Soft-Cream Moisturiser when you feel you need a little extra hydration.