What is an Exfoliant?


This is a product formulated to help to remove dead skin cells from the surface.  

Skin has a cycle, so exfoliating helps to encourage cell turnover.  

There are different forms of exfoliators, from physical (like scrubs) to chemical acids (like glycolic acid), with both kinds offering varying levels of exfoliation.  

The teen skin cycle doesn’t need the extra help, as it regenerates quickly (this is why cuts/scars heal faster in younger people).  

If you still want to introduce exfoliants to your skincare routine, try gentler scrubs or tonics – these will keep skin your smooth and clear.  

We recommend ultra-fine scrubbing particles and low-level acids – always look for botanicals like fruit extracts. They will help to remove dead skin cells and prevent impurities that might build up, so they’re particularly helpful with oily/combination and blemish-prone skin.  

Chemical exfoliants should only be used from around the age of 15, if your skin is oiler and/or blemish prone. They add that deep cleansing step to work harder on any blemishes.