How do I double cleanse?

How do I...

Cleanser, balm, face wash, makeup remover. It can all get a bit confusing, so we’ll keep it simple.

Maybe you’ve heard about double cleansing, but don’t know where to start. Firstly, double cleansing is great for deeply cleaning your skin.

It’s best done at night, when your skin has been exposed to impurities after a long day.

The first cleanse removes makeup, SPF and impurities. The second cleanse (the double) cleans deeper into your skin and pores to help remove excess oil. This will also help to prevent breakouts as your skin is free from dirt.

Our top tips for the best ways to double cleanse:

Double cleanse at night – it’s an important part of your nighttime skincare routine. You should only need to use a gentle cleanser once in the morning.

When double cleansing, use two different cleansers, preferably with different functions and textures.

It’s all about the order: start with a balm, an oil, a liquid cleanser or maybe micellar water, then choose a cream, gel or lotion cleanser for your second cleanse.

Use a damp cloth or flannel (soaked in warm water) to help remove the product from your face. Top tip: never use hot water to avoid stripping your skin of all its good, natural elements – always warm water!