How do I build my Customisable indu palette?


This is the ultimate makeup kit that’s entirely unique to
your mood and style.
Switching it up has never been easier – feeling glam today? Pop in a metallic eyeshadow pod or two. Fancy longer lashes and lifted brows? Clip on your favourite wands. Love a strawberry blush? Grab your favourite shade and pop in the pod. Want a summer glow, all year round? Choose your highlighter pod. It’s as easy as that!

When you’ve picked your pods and you’re ready to personalise, follow these steps:

  1. Select your favourite combinations of eyeshadow, sun beam bronzer, light beam highlighter, cheeky smile, or invisible mattifier pods.
  2. Open the clamshells and pop out the pod to remove.
  3. Grabbing the pod by its sides, simply pop it into one of the pegs in the palette. Arrange the pods however you'd like them to fit.
  4. Slide the lid closed, maybe clip a wand or two to the ring, and you've got all your makeup favourites in once place.

Just pop, clip and go…

Build your own palette

Choose your favourite indu pods to create your own look

indu Customisable Palette