What is the Tribiotic Complex?


You might have seen this in some indu product descriptions – the Tribiotic Complex is entirely unique to indu!

What is it? indu's Tribiotic Complex is a unique combination of prebiotics and powerful postbiotics that’s friendly to your skin's microbiome and works to leave skin balanced, protected and calm.

The three elements that define our unique complex are:

  1. Inulin, a prebiotic, encourages a healthy microbiome and attracts moisture to keep skin hydrated.
  2. Postbiotic Lactic acid helps maintain an optimum pH for the microbiome while gently exfoliating to boost glow and radiance.
  3. A second postbiotic (this changes per product – variants include lactobacillus ferment, ceramides or biosaccharides), created using advanced biotechnology, helps to protect the skin by boosting the moisture barrier and optimising the skin's natural renewal process.

Why should teens use it?

These prebiotic and postbiotic ingredients are specifically chosen to be kind to teen skin, working together to maintain balance in your skin microbiome.

Which indu products are powered by it?

Our products that you can ‘leave on’ (i.e. you don’t wash them off) benefit most from this complex, so you can find it in the formulas of our: Clarifying Hydrogel Moisturiser, Universal Soft-Cream Moisturiser, Spot On Paste and Hydrate & Nourish Tonic Milk.