The Best Hydrated Skincare Routine

Extra hydration needed? Build a moisturising skincare routine that feeds your skin with our new Hydrate & Nourish Tonic Milk. 

What are your skin goals? If your answer is hydrated, soft and happy skin, then you’ve come to the right place.  

We’ve rounded up three of our most moisturising products to add into your skincare routine. Starting with our brand-new launch: Hydrate & Nourish Tonic Milk. 

After cleansing (make it double in the PM) and your skin is feeling fresh, this milky toner is the next step to step up the hydration. A lightweight milk, it’s like food for your skin, packed with a soothing blend of ingredients.  

You can use the Tonic Milk to replace your moisturiser, or as a hydration boost throughout the day or night, as little or as often as you need.  

When your skin is having a dry day, apply a layer of our Universal Soft-Cream Moisturiser as well.  

If you’re still in need of an ultimate skin drench, then once a week, take 20 minutes and try our Moisture Fix Mask. It’s perfect for thirsty skin, harnessing deeply nourishing ingredients to combat dryness.  

Enjoy that self-care moment and thank us later!